TH-2 type in the line is the Taiwan Tianhong Industry Company in mainland synchronous launch of a new type of high yield in line machine, the machine in the original two additional linear basis in line machine automatic refueling device, change the copper sleeve bearings for high speed, with this increase the rotor speed, so a substantial increase in production, while the internal parts through a special process, longer life, more stable performance, to attain the same volume, the same power consumption, higher output prices unchanged under the premise around the ear elastic line, more uniform density, qualifying more smoothly.
  Excellent quality TH-2 type in-line, reasonable price and the company improve its services, will become the majority of the truss sewing machine, ideal for shuttle embroidery machine users accessory products.

  1, the machine running shaft mounted speed bearings, extending life, but life. While the winding shaft speed to 3800 rev / min. Production increased by 1/3.
  2, the opening piece fitted with ear tuck the wires forming line knife automatically tuck line, thread chaos, saving installation time shuttle.
  3, due to the high speed, high speed bearing bracket ear partially synchronous rotation with the line spike. Have reduced the friction heat generated, so that the line does not stick even spike, deformation, not easy to break.
  4, the addition of automatic oiling device for uniform fuel line, not easy to break, embroidered flowers and more uniform, more cubic sense.
  5, out of the line around the ear more uniform density and compact in length 30MM-43MM 10MM-15MM diameter can adjust the size.
  Precautions before use and maintenance
  1, before the new machine, surface rust should be first cleaned of grease or dust, where the red dot logo hole, running bearings, connecting rods, levers of joint activities, the convex face in other parts of the turn of friction section should be injected into oil.
  2, the machine ban reversal (enclosure has turned to sign).
  3, idling 10 minutes before you use to check whether there is an exception exists.
  4, class work, all the moving parts, oiling hole 2-4 times.

  Several major barrier and help deal with possible
  1, break
  A, thread tension is too large, adjust the tightness of clip-ray.
  B, threading position line wrong, to be re-threading.
  C, plug pole slot is not smooth, polished again.
  D, Line knot.
  2, before the sudden withdrawal spike Parking: slide the zipper did not fully engaged, hand reverse a lap belt. Snap it, then drove oiling.
  3, scissors continuous line: grinding or change scissors. |
  4, do not tuck tuck line knife line: grinding tuck line knife or adjust the angle of the knife, or adjust the opening piece torsion torque.
  The main technical parameters
  1, both sides of the winding spindle axis number is 3800 rev / min.
  2, line spike-shaped device for olive.
  3, line spike length 30mm-43mm, 10mm-15mm diameter adjusted.
  4, three-phase motor: 550W, 380W.
  5. Host Dimensions: 440 × 550 × 1050.
  6, Weight: 80kg.
  1, prohibits reversal.
  2. Do not disassemble the shell with structure (except for repairs)
  1, the machine sold in three months, faulty maintenance personnel can not be used by the factory after the repair, the factory responsible for exchange (except artificial damage).
  2, within one year of free maintenance.
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